Thursday, June 9, 2011

June Update

June Update

Hello South Bay!

I just got back into the country, after an amazing trip through Turkey and Greece with my husband and his family! I saw many new things and came back with treasures and most of all memories to last me a lifetime. I hope everyone is doing really well! It's time now for me to step back into the real world... AKA 'The Etsy world!' Let's get down to business, hmm? :]

As for the group, I just wanted to touch base with everyone! I look forward to getting everything going again in full force! I know many of you have big ideas for your business this summer! Craft shows, fashion shows, or maybe just less time at the office, and more time to work on your hobby. I love summer in So Cal.... What a perfect time for us to come together and expand our network.
I have many ideas for our group to get people more involved, and help each other's business grow. I plan on accomplishing this most of all by getting to know you all, and bringing our ideas and our inspiration together, under one roof. If nothing else, this is a place where we can go to feel connected not just to our Etsy companions, but our true neighbors that share common the common bond of crafting. I hope that we can come together with nothing but positivity, kindness and support. The only other thing I ask for, besides your kindness, is communication and input. Let's get some ideas moving, I know we can boost our business this summer and build a great foundation for the upcoming new year. Talk soon!



Garden Gnome Arts
Team Captain

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  1. Just joined the team recently. I'm really excited to be a part of it and to see what the South Bay Team does. Looking forward to participating in the future!