Friday, September 9, 2011

Supporting Local In September

     Where did August go?  My sincerest apologies, my sweet team members, that I have not been attempting to roust communication much throughout the month of August.  Like a lot of you, I work a full time job, spend time shopping for, and making my products, workon my craft website and my business in general... I also have a personal life somewhere in there as well too.  ;)  I WILL attempt, with a little more gusto, to provide us a bit more stimulation on here as well going fwd.  That said, if there's anything else you'd like to see happen around here, well why haven't you done it yet? Hehe...

     September is a bittersweet month.  Summer is wrapping up (although OUR weather lately is proving otherwise)...  Your kids have headed back to school...  Does that mean you have more time to CRAFT now?  Or to browse and shop on Etsy?  Woo-hoo!  I wont tell the kids how happy you are to have a little free time again.  Promise.  Isn't everyone just a little bit excited about heading into fall, though?  The holiday craft fairs, some relief from the heat(Man the HEAT!  LA area, it has been HOT this week!)... And ...The.... HOLIDAYS? Too soon??  I just can't wait to get out my Halloween decorations next month.  I'm actually squirming a little bit.  I'll try not top squeal out loud.

In celebration of September, I created a treasury to get you started.  South Bay/LA I would love to see what you can come up with as well!

Here's the link to see this lovely LOCAL treasury :

Here's the link to our group's Etsy Forum :

Can't wait to see your team treasuries for Sept!

~c a m i l l e
SoBay/LA Team Etsy Captain

I created my

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