Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hi South Bay/LA!!

    I am excited to share with you a special offer that we as a team, received!

Event : "Craftcation" { { A new Seller Education event } }

What is it : Craftcation is a three day indie business & diy workshop conference. it’s a retreat to inspire, network and build upon the independent craft business community. Their objective is to ignite the entrepenurerial business spirit, strengthen skills and abilities of both seasoned business owners and newcomers to indie craft business. This is an opportunity to network, communicate and share with your peers.

When :  March 22-25th

Where : Craftcation in Ventura, CA

Website : {check-itty check it out} :

Here's the deal-i-o :

They have kindly extended an Etsy Seller Discount for our Team Members! * HOWEVER* We received this private code JUST FOR OUR TEAM MEMBERS.  I will not be posting the CODE on our blog, but please head to our Etsy forum where I posted the code privately.

I hope to see you there as well!  This sounds like a fun social event, and a great opportunity for all of us!  Let me know if you guys sign up, I'd love to get an idea of who is attending.

-Camille Larson

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